Community Development Financing Toolbox Physical and Social Transformation through Mixed-Income and Mixed-Use Development

Stacy Vincent from Community Development Strategies presented with a team of Community Development Expert Practitioners at a NAHRO summer conference session, Community Development Financing Toolbox:Physical and Social Transformation through Mixed-Income and Mixed-Use Development, on Friday, July 27, 2018. The session was well attended and had great audience participation from agencies across the country.

The panel engaged the audience to build on inspirational case studies and innovative community revitalization tools to discuss actionable steps in evaluating the long-term repositioning of assets, layering funding sources and building public/private partnerships. 

  1. Innovative success stories: Tampa and Milwaukee Case Studies – Opportunities and Challenges
  2. Public/Private Investments: Application of Opportunity Zones and Social Impact Investing
  3. Implementation strategies: Long-term repositioning of assets, Accessing and layering new funding sources, Building local and state partnerships, Evaluating housing portfolio resource needs

You can access the session slides here: Community Development Financing Tools.