Community Development Strategies

Community Development Strategies (CDS) is a woman-owned, small business that provides development and project management services to housing agencies and affordable housing developers. CDS specializes in the project management and implementation of HUD’s affordable programs including: Rental Housing Demonstration/ Section 18/project-based voucher conversions, mixed-income development, and mixed-use development. Stacy Vincent, CDS Principal, has been working in partnership with housing authorities since 1998, as a PHA Development Director and then as a consultant, her work spans nationally to over 25 PHAs. Stacy has worked on successful Choice Neighborhoods applications and RAD portfolio and development site conversions, using multiple conversion programs to maximize funding generated for investment.

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Stacy has over two decades of experience in affordable housing and community development. Stacy provides affordable housing development consulting, asset repositioning and project management services. Stacy is a frequent speaker on industry conference panels; she presented at a NAHRO conference in July 2019 on HUD’s Choice Neighborhoods program, at a NAHRO conference in July 2018 on community development financing and neighborhood transformation and in April 2018 on HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration program and maximizing revenue for non-profits.

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Stacy has worked with housing agencies across the country including: Billings (MT), Miami (OK), Denver (CO) – subcontract through S.B. Clark Companies, Pueblo (CO), Los Angeles (CA) Butte (MT)-subcontract through Good Housing Partnership, Cincinnati (OH), Baton Rouge (LA), Orlando (FL), New Orleans (LA), Chicago (IL), Cook County (IL), East Chicago (IN), Gary (IN), Detroit (MI), Spartanburg (SC), Tampa (FL), Wilmington (NC), New Haven (CT), Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.


Stacy Vincent has worked in affordable housing and community development for over 22 years. Stacy’s academic work included urban planning and real estate development, in her professional career she works with housing authorities, non-profit affiliates and consulting firms to provide development consulting/project management services, asset repositioning/ strategic implementation and technical assistance/training. Stacy has assisted with the Mixed-Finance and RAD planning and development processes to complete over 22,000 affordable units across the country, leveraging millions in investment. Her work involves multiple financing sources including: 9% and 4% Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, Bonds, FHA 221d4 and FHA 223f insured financing, Capital Funding Financing Program, Operating Fund Financing Program, Federal Home Loan Bank-Affordable Housing Program, Choice Neighborhoods, HOPE VI, Community Development Block Grant, HOME, as well as other agency and local funds.

Stacy has focused her work on identifying and advocating for the best interest of housing authorities in negotiating with co-developers, syndicators/investors, lenders and state/local funding agencies. She works with both housing agencies that self-develop, as well as housing agencies that partner with a private sector developer. Stacy has worked on dozens of transactions across the country and provides best practices to housing agencies while building staff capacity to plan for and implement future projects.

RAD/Development Consulting/Project Management.  Stacy assists with RAD pre-closing activities, including: planning, predevelopment activities/due diligence, obtaining financing commitments, procuring/selecting contractors, document review and closing requirements. Post-closing activities, including: budget and schedule oversight during construction, draw preparation/review, lease-up, reporting and equity/lender milestone requirements. Stacy has provided development consulting to: Pueblo (CO), Los Angeles (CA), Butte (MT) and Billings (MT) -subcontract through Good Housing Partnership, Cincinnati (OH), Baton Rouge (LA), Orlando (FL), New Orleans (LA), East Chicago (IN), Gary (IN), Detroit (MI), Tampa (FL), Wilmington (NC), New Haven (CT), Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Asset Repositioning/Strategic Implementation. Stacy has worked with housing agencies to analyze asset repositioning alternatives to develop strategic implementation plans, as well as drafting and updating PHA Annual and Capital Fund plans. She focuses on listing discreet and manageable steps to provide a framework for agencies to move forward and provides technical assistance in implementation. Stacy has helped prepare strategic planning documents for: Denver (CO) – subcontract through S.B. Clark Companies, Cincinnati (OH), Baton Rouge (LA), Gary (IN), Detroit (MI), Spartanburg (SC), Tampa (FL), Wilmington (NC), New Haven (CT), Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Technical Assistance/Training. Stacy has developed procedures manuals/policy guides and has provided training on the following topics: mixed-finance development, HUD public housing and procurement regulation compliance, project draw and construction pay application reviews and processing, certified payrolls and Section 3/MBE/WBE compliance. Stacy has provided technical assistance and training to the following agencies: Cincinnati (OH), New Orleans (LA), East Chicago (IN), Gary (IN), Detroit (MI), Spartanburg (SC), Tampa (FL) and Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Stacy has worked with affordable housing advisory service firms to provide consulting to housing authorities across the county in development, modernization and housing choice voucher programs. Prior to consulting, she worked on affordable projects in the Chicago region with the Cook County Housing Authority’s non-profit affiliate and had served as Development Director at the Spartanburg Housing Authority, South Carolina where she oversaw the HOPE VI revitalization of over 550 units. Stacy also served as Community Development Manager for the City of Spartanburg, where she oversaw the CDBG and HOME programs and provided technical support to non-profits.

Stacy holds a master’s degree from the University of Cincinnati and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin.